February 2018, UNESCO-IESALC Projections Bulletin


Activities overview
The CRES advances in its logistical organization with the opening of the online registration since February 15th, 2018, available through its official site www.cres2018.org. The people interested in participating in the CRES 2018 can register at no cost by filling out the online application form.
In February 2018, the dissemination of the III CRES reached Cuba and Colombia. The Congreso Universidad 2018 (University 2018 Congress) devoted a space of its programming to the presentation of CRES´s progress. The Centro Regional para la Cooperación de Educación Superior en América Latina y el Caribe (Regional Center for Higher Education Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean, CRECES), was launched in Bogota, Colombia. This institute is in charge of carrying out and following up the agreements of the CRES 2018. 
Specialists of the CRES 2018 axe on Sustainable Development debate in Colombia
The Regional Preliminary Meeting related to the CRES 2018´s axe named Strategic Role of Higher Education in the Sustainable Development of Latin America and the Caribbean, had as goals: to discuss and organize the proposed document’s final version, conceptual input of the III CRES’s Declaration, and to organize the contents of the thematic book related to the aforementioned axe. | Read more
UNESCO-IESALC presents the CRES 2018 to the academic community of Colombia
The auditorium of the Centro Cultural y Educativo Reyes Católicos (CCERC) of Bogota hosted about 250 people, who gathered to learn both about the details of the III Regional Conference of Higher Education (CRES 2018), to be held in Cordoba, Argentina, in June 2018, and about the opening of the Centro Regional de Cooperación para la Educación Superior (CRECES), [Regional Center of Cooperation for Higher Education], institute in charge of carrying out and following up the agreements of the CRES 2018. | Read more 
Cuba: Higher education is a public and human asset
The Ministry of Higher Education and the Cuban universities organized the 11no. Congreso Internacional de Educación Superior, Universidad 2018 (11th International Congress of Higher Education, University 2018). From February 12th to the 16th, representatives of the Latin American and Central American region met in Havana under the slogan "The University and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" in the year of the commemoration of the Centennial of the University Reform of Cordoba and a few months before the III Regional Conference on Higher Education, CRES 2018, takes place in that city. | Read more 
Universidad La Gran Colombia invites to connect with the CRES 2018
On February 6th, the Universidad La Gran Colombia (UGC) held preparatory meetings for the III Regional Conference on Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (CRES 2018) and "it has invited Colombian universities to connect and commit themselves", as indicated through the official twitter account of said Colombian institution. | Read more 
Joint work by ORSALC and UNESCO-IESALC for the promotion of the CRES 2018

In its intervention, UNESCO-IESALC´s team mentioned the work that has been carried out with approximately 140 researchers during the editing process of 11 publications for the CRES 2018, entitled CRES 2018 Collection. This editorial project addresses not only the 7 thematic axes that the conference calls for, but also the points of view that academic networks, UNESCO Chairs, international organizations and ministries of education have on higher education (HE). Due to the diversity and heterogeneity of the voices that characterize the Latin American and Caribbean region, we are attempting to give HE a unique conception and to agree on common actions for the next 10 years. | Read more 

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